Adding Custom Poses


**WARNING:- for shear comical use I'm using this pose, get offended by it at your own risk ^_^

 - Making a pose 

Poses cannot be made in SketchUp, But there are way of using poses in your SketchUp creations and there is a couple FREE pose tools made such as the one by BorisTheEngineer and Deliverance, So give them some respect when you see them around will you :)

Ok to find Boris's free pose tool its HERE
Ok to find Deliverance's free and paid pose tools there HERE
For now I have not made my own tutorial for this wonderful little program but many can be found on his site (the link above)

 - Adding your pose to your scene

Ok assuming you have your pose hears what you do to add the custom pose into the scene.
In SketchUp find where you want the pose to be, place a normal seating node in there, for example Seat32 and this time instead of putting Seat32.sitting your going to put the name of your pose instead of .sitting. In my example I just use .Test
So my seat name in sketchup reads Seat32.Test
Save and export it as per usual and load it into your previewer as per normal. Now in the actions tab click add. Where it says Trigger change it to stance.[PoseName] replacing [PoseName] with what you named your pose, in my case its Test. So it will read stance.Test . Now use these settings.

# ensembles played: 0 
you may sometimes want to disable gaze also to stop the avi's head turning in awquard ways

Once that's done where it says Skeletal Animation click brows and go load your XAF pose file (and if you have one your XPF face position in the box below that) click apply and it should be done, below are the settings I used and the first pose I made.

My Pose ^_^


Happy to accept  gifts of what you made to Neo1471 if you found this helpful ^_^

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